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" There is no one else providing this kind of hi-tech product and this is of huge value to me and my family"

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Ayefi: A wearable smart versatile device for safety, fashion and engagement

A connected computing device that has features for personal safety, education, entertainment and looks trendy.

A message at the touch of a button, capture video of the ambience to send the recording to an attendee for help, a display screen to exhibit images and enabling many other functions to make the user/group interact are all the great features of the device. This is not just a connected device but a smart computer that provides functions around safety, education and entertainment with an open-ended platform to add/create more programs. In short a smart sustainable wearable computer that every family should have! 

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A smart device that is user friendly for anyone or family needs though very beneficial for elder care or kids. Let your loved one know how much you care!

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